One Step Hybrid

Technique that allows passive fitting, with no need for welding through cementing the titanium cylinder to the metal structure.
Used for multiple prostheses and reduces laboratory work times.
Adapting the framework over model.
Please note cementing area.
Cementing with Panavia® (Kuraray Med. Inc. Tokyo-Japan) the structure over the titanium copings.
Final inside-mouth view.

Closed-tray technique

for 2mm subcrestal implants
4. Fill the tray with impression material and place it into the patient's mouth. Wait for the curing of the material and carefully remove the tray.
5. The impression cap remains in the impression material cured, it's pulled out from the impression post with the removal of the tray.
6. Unscrew and remove the impression post from the patient's mouth.
7. Mount the implant analogue to the impression post (without the cap as it's retained in the tray) using the impression post screw.
8. Reposition the impression post into the tray. Carefully push the post toward the cap which is inside the impression material, you will feel a tactile engagement of the components.
9. The impression is now ready to be used to create a model.

CM Closed-Tray Implant Exact Impression Coping.

CM Closed-Tray Implant Exact Impression Coping (Long)

Open Tray Technique

for 2mm subcrestal implants